Realistic Custom Self - Defense, Customized for Men, Women, and Adolescents (Ages 12 and up)

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Customize Your Take Down Defense!

Below are some Tips and Tricks you can use with any takedowns you use in any martial arts or self defense system. Use these techniques to improve control, and modify how you think and execute your takedowns in an ever-changing environment. Most of our techniques are meant to be used on the street, but can be incorporated into many different disciplines

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* * These are tips and tricks to be used to enhance how you defend, counter attack, and execute techniques.
They ARE NOT representative of all the techniques taught in classes which include, ground, knife, gun, open hand, chokes, etc. * *

Introduction to Custom Self Defense. We are always adding more videos as we do them, so check back frequently. Some videos will get a little blurry with fast movements and we apologize, but we feel you can still understand and learn from them

Learn how to defend against hip tosses or hip throws. Catching your attacker off balance is a great way to disrupt his hip toss. Use these few techniques to integrate into your self Defense or Martial Arts training. 

Closing the gap between you and your attacker when executing a takedown limits his ability to maneuver out and increases your success rate of completing the takedown. Pinning your attacker to your chest when taking him down forces him to decend directly to the ground without any room to try and escape.

If your going to be thrown or taken down by an attcker, you might as well use it to your advantage. By holding onto your attacker when being taken down, you can decrease your impact on the ground, control your attacker temporarily - bringing his face and groin into striking distance, and counter attack once to land. This works with any throw because most attackers are not used to being held onto when they thro or take someone down. Sorry for the focusing issues.

Learn to leverage your attacker to take them down while kneeling on the ground! Knowing how to use your body to leverage your attacker when taking them down is crucial. What happens though, when you and your attacker are on the ground struggling in a kneeling position? How do you use the same take downs you deploy when they are standing on the ground? Watch and see!

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