Realistic Custom Self - Defense, Customized for Men, Women, and Adolescents (Ages 12 and up)

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Customize Footwork, Blocking, and More!

Below are some Tips and Tricks you can use with any martial arts or self defense system. Use these techniques to improve control, how you block, defend, and move, and to modify how you think and execute many techniques in an ever-changing environment. Most of our techniques are meant to be used on the street, but can be incorporated into many different disciplines

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* * These are tips and tricks to be used to enhance how you defend, counter attack, and execute techniques.
They ARE NOT representative of all the techniques taught in classes which include, ground, knife, gun, open hand, chokes, etc. * *

Introduction to Custom Self Defense. We are always adding more videos as we do them, so check back frequently. Some videos will get a little blurry with fast movements and we apologize, but we feel you can still understand and learn from them

Forward momentum is one of the most important concepts in Self Defense. It keeps you moving through your attacker, decreases the risk of losing balance and not being able to recover and defend, and can place you at an advantage to counter strike or take down your attacker. It can also make your counter attack harder to predict because it may not be what your attacker is used to. Make sure to practice your kicks and strikes using forward momentum even when doing repetitions.

Footwork - Closing the Gap by replacing one foot w/the other. Good for fast in and out movement or for sparring. I apologize for the focusing issues on this video ahead of time.

This is a quick drill to practice keeping your head, shoulders, and hips in line when being pulled by an attacker. It gets a little blurry with fast movement, but is a good easy drill to practice with a partner.Remember to always move with your attacker for more control and to give yourself opportunities to counter attack. Moving in the opposite direction when your attacker is pushing or pulling you, can many times have an adverse affect, leaving you less able to defend.

It is extremely important when defending against an attacker to get behind his delivery system. You want to make sure you position yourself, for example, behind your attackers shoulder so that when he punches, stabs, or withdraws a gun, you are not in front of it - but behind it - and more likely to be able to control it/him. This helps to optimize further defense and counter tactics in an altercation.

Using your attackers, or your own momentum to "Sling Shot" yourself into position can be beneficial. This allows you to quickly place yourself into a position of defense and counter attack.

When defending on the street you need to know how to set up your attacker so that you can defend well. If you indicate you want to fight or spar your attacker, it is difficult to get beside or behind him where you can counter attack the best. You must also move to your safest angle of defense. This is the side of your attacker with the least resistance - No people or things like objects or ice that can make you vulnerable.

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