Realistic Custom Self - Defense, Customized for Men, Women, and Adolescents (Ages 12 and up)

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Cobra Kai Kung Fu has been offering full contact reality based hands on martial arts training as taught by Grandmaster Steven G. Abbate since 1962. Instructor Wallace holds a 5th degree black belt in the system and has integrated many Techniques, Philosophy, and Teachings from the Cobra Kai Style inter her Sytem. This is partof where her roots came from and she will never forget where she started her martial arts and self-defense journey. You may still see the Cobra Kai logo around the website, the school, and on T-shirts. It has been infused into our Reality Based Classes!

Our goal as always is to prepare our students for an array of self-defense scenarios, including weapons defense and multiple attacks with real people, so you can 'feel' how to counter different attacks and different attackers, and experience how the techniques actually work.We also focus on controlling your opponent at all times and how to position yourself for optimizing defense attacks. The martial arts style of Tai Kit Kuen (Grand Snake Fist) has been passed down for generations. Tai Kit Kuen Kung Fu is a full contact practical martial art where you learn to defend from day one.This style of Kung Fu is incorporated into Many of the classes and courses offered.

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Grandmaster Steven G. Abbate started his career in the Art of Kung Fu at age 16 in Chicago's Chinatown. In 1962 he formally trained under Master Fu Lun Cho from Hong Kong, studying the arts of Tai Kit Kuen (Grand Snake Fist style) and Northern Shaolin 7-Star Praying Mantis.

In 1964, after graduation from Elmwood Park High School, Grandmaster Abbate joined the United States Marine Corps. Master Cho also left Chicago to run his school in Hong Kong.

In 1965, while serving as a recon scout with the 4th Marine Brigade out of Kaneohe Bay Hawaii, Grandmaster Abbate was sent to Vietnam, where he was part of the original Marine landing at Chu Lai. During his tour he was highly decorated and med-evac'd in late 1966.

After his honorable discharge in 1968, he joined the 24th Marines stationed in Waukegan Illinois, where he taught hand-to-hand combat and guerrilla jungle warfare. He went on extended active duty and became a recruiter for the Marines. He also went through Green Beret school and advanced Jump School training.

In 1969, Grandmaster Abbate became a Police Officer with the Rolling Meadows Police Department. He was also introduced to Grandmaster Chi Yuen Tsai, with whom he trained in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and who formally trained him for his ring fighting career. He competed on the international circuit, fighting full-contact in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Okinawa, and the U.S., winning many titles in 10 years.

Grandmaster Abbate was also introduced to and studied with Kwong Ming Loy, a Master in the Northern Shaolin 7-Star Praying Mantis system and a direct student of Grandmaster Fu Lun Cho. He has studied under Master Wu of the Mei Wah system (Plum Flower Combat Tai Chi), and has attended seminars and trained with Ed Parker, Bill Wallace, and Bruce Lee.

Grandmaster Abbate acquired over 300 awards for Full-Contact Kickboxing, and Sport Contact Karate, has taught thousands of students, and has given innumerable seminars and demonstrations. He is was the Midwest representative for Chuck Norris' Kick (Karate International Council of Kickboxing) and continued to teach and train under Grandmaster Chi Yuen Tsai until he passed away.

In September of 2002, Grandmaster Abbate received his 10 level black sash from Grandmaster Tsai in an awards ceremony at his school, attended by pioneers of Kung Fu and Karate, such as Ken Knutson, Joe Ganghi, Bob Schirmer, Tom Saviano, Tom Heriaud, and others from Florida to California.

Grandmaster Abbate also held black belts in, Kenpo Karate, Gong Yuen Kung Fu, and was associated with the American Karate Association, World Kuoshu Republic of China, Chinese Kuoshu Martial Arts Federation, Tsai's Kung Fu International, Thai Boxing Commission, Midwest Circuit, and was President of the American Martial Artists Association.


Grandmaster Abbate passed away on August 19, 2007.

We Keep His Spirit Alive