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Immediate Combative Assault Techniques & Tactics


Immediate Combative Assault Techniques & Tactics



We offer specialized training for Law Enforcement and Security Officers.  I.C.A.T.T. was developed to teach the officer combative skills based on reflexes and circular movements with close quarter concepts, providing the officer with simple techniques that can be utilized in close quarters or street fighting scenarios. Our goal is to help the Law Enforcement community be better prepared for whatever situation they might encounter. We realize quality training, on a regular basis, at an affordable price is crucial. You are required to be in the Law Enforcement or Security Field to train in this course. The course was designed by and is taught by an ILEETA Instructor/Presenter.




We do not just teach you techniques in a static environment.

Many schools show techniques, but never train them with a resistant opponent. We start static, then move through higher levels of resistance, so you can better prepare yourself for a combative or resistant opponent. For example, when training with gun and knife defense you will learn how to execute techniques when the opponent is trying to retract the weapon or retreat with the weapon. You will also learn how to handle, mixed attacks or more than one attacker. We want your in class opponents to be crafty and find ways to fight back or get away from you,  so that you can improve the control tactics you all ready know, learn to execute new ones, and become fluid when transitioning from one to the next.



Topics Covered:

  • Control Tactics & Controlled Take Downs
  • Control Tactic Transitioning
  • Using Body Mechanics - Yours or His - For the Advantage
  • Knife Evasion, Control, & Disarming - w/resistant or combative assailant
  • Knife Close Quarters Evasion, Control & Disarming
  • Gun Disarming & Controlling w/resistant assailant  & in Close Quarters
  • Scenario Training & Low Light Training
  • Ground Defense and Control Tactics
  • How to Protect your self
  • How to move tactical Angles
  • Shock Knife Training
  • Resistant Attacker Training
  • Mixed Attack Scenarios
  • Multiple Assailant Training
  • Positioning for Retention or Deployment of a Weapon, OC, Baton, or Cuffing
  • Q & A time in Class for Your Scenarios
  • .. and More


I.C.A.T. For Police & Security - please Email or call to Request

  •  Group and Private Classes only  - Call for fees and to schedule


All Instructors are part of ILEETA