Realistic Self - Defense, Customized for: Men, Women, and Adolescents** (Ages 12 and up)


 Classes are Wednesday from 7-8:30pm - JOIN NOW!! - Krav Maga Combined with the Best of Martial Arts . . . Women's self-defense Seminar - TBD - Keep watching! . . . ONLINE Classes Coming Soon!! . . . . Call to Schedule Private or group Classes . . . .CALL NOW!!












Combat in the street is completely unpredictable.

Knowing how to Defend yourself is crucial to your survival!


Everything we teach is Reality Based. There are always some basics you need to learn first as in any training, however we want to put you to work learning the skills you need on the street or in the field as soon as possible. You need techniques and skills you can use right away, and then be able to come back to advance yourself and your skills further. You cannot be an expert overnight, but you can learn easy to use techniques right off the bat. That is why our Self-defense classes and seminars focus on learning and using skills under stress and in real life situations from the beginning.

We offer Police and Security specific training on request as well as regular weekly Commando Krav Maga classes, Women's Self-Defense boot camps, and private classes and seminars. We can also come to your home or business for private classes or seminars.

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